Gregg Braden is so inspiring

Gregg Braden is so inspiring

Gregg Braden & charlotte Bang. I had the posibility to meet the very inspiring teacher and speaker Gregg Braden. Go and check him out on his webpage: www.greggbraden.comGregg Braden is an very inspiring transformational teacher and speaker, who combines scientific results with spirituality. I was so lucky to have the possibility to meet Gregg Braden, when he was in Copenhagen.  Gregg Braden has for some years inspired me by his way of linking results of modern science to spirituality. He has written best selling books. The last book he wrote is: The Turning Point. Creating Resilience in a time of Extremes. I can strongly recommend you to read his books and visit his facebookpage: or his homepage:

Gregg has inspired me to, that we have the posibility to heal ourselves. I am so greateful for the work he does and inspires people all over the globe. Thank you Gregg.



Author: Charlotte Bang

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