How to prevent digital eyestrain fatigue and increase productivity

How to prevent eye screen fatigue and increase productivity

Optimize physical and mental well-being with EYEFULNESS

In a world where digital screens have become an integrated part of our work life, we face a growing challenge with tired eyes, also known as screen fatigue. This condition, affecting between 50-90% of screen-using employees, is not only a threat to eye health but is also a significant factor in reduced productivity and well-being in the workplace. Fortunately, there is much more that can be done than just using screen glasses to alleviate the problem.

Outlook: Screen fatigue as a potential occupational

Screen fatigue comes with a wide range of symptoms that affect well-being, health, and productivity. Symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, fatigue, headaches, sore eyes, brain fog and blurred vision are all signs that it’s time to take action. Moreover, there is strong evidence to suggest that screen fatigue can increase the risk of developing various vision problems, including the development and worsening of nearsightedness. This trend can be partially attributed to increased screen usage.

According to the Danish Association of Optometrists, one-third of adult Danes are currently nearsighted, and it is estimated that if nothing is done, 50% of the world’s population will be nearsighted by 2050. Viewed through the lens of a futurist, it is not inconceivable that screen-related eye problems in the future could be recognized as an occupational hazard among screen-using employees.

Screen fatigue and efficiency

Roughly 80% of the brain’s sensory input comes from the eyes, which are the primary working sense during screen work. Eye work involves muscular activity, and screen work entails repetitive strain on the eyes and associated muscles.

A plethora of research articles describe a correlation between screen fatigue and decreased productivity. It’s logical that when the working sense is overloaded and strained, it affects clarity, precision, and productivity. Many find that when the eyes thrive, it positively impacts job satisfaction and performance in turn.

How screen work affects the eyes

Screen work reduces our blink rate and can also cause incomplete blinking. When the eye blinks, we receive new and thus more visual impressions, while at the same time, the eye’s cornea is both lubricated and cleansed. The repetitive muscle work tires the eye muscles. The blue light from screens can affect our sleep quality, especially if we look at screens in the time leading up to bedtime.

Prevention of screen eyes: A shared responsibility

Both employers and employees have a shared responsibility to alleviate the negative consequences of extended screen time. It’s crucial that digital workplaces educate their employees on how to best use their eyes. Awareness of this can help reduce the negative effects of repetitive tasks.

If you or any of your colleagues experience one or more of these symptoms after many hours in front of a screen, a lecture on Eyefulness might be something for you and your company.

The lecture guides you through various exercises, tips, and knowledge about eye health. These are tools that alleviate symptoms of screen eyes. The exercises are simple, easy to perform, and can be easily integrated into the workday.

The purpose of the lecture is to promote better well-being in the workplace by consciously focusing on healthy and unhealthy habits. It takes the same amount of time to have unhealthy habits as healthy vision habits, but the effect on vision, well-being, and productivity is different.

It is also possible to order an online customized for your workplace and employees. Send me an email to hear more about the possibilities.

Let’s collaborate to create a digital workplace where eyes thrive, so you can achieve your full potential.

EYEFULNESS for the prevention of screen eyes

The Eyefulness method is developed with the aim of promoting eye health in digital workplaces. Eyefulness is a method approach consisting of exercises, tips, and knowledge about eye health, which contribute to improving your workday with healthier eyes. In the lecture, you and your colleagues will receive some tools that can be used immediately, even during the lecture. The lecture is designed to promote healthy vision habits and prevent screen eyes in the long term, yet I find that many can already experience improved vision during the lecture.


Super simple and fun

It’s super simple, and we should have learned it in school. The exercises are practiced during the lecture, so you can go home in front of the screen and get started right away. The lecture is educational, entertaining, and fun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Randi Mie Hansen

Serial Entrepreneur

I saw that it works

Charlotte provided us with knowledge and guided us through simple exercises to prevent screen eyes and thereby related nearsightedness. I was quite surprised that the simple exercises actually improved my vision in under 30 minutes. I actually saw sharper, and I’m thinking that if I start practicing more deliberately, I might be able to put my glasses aside more often, which I would like.


Lene Outzen Foghsgaard

Journalist og podcaster

A highly topical lecture

An important and highly topical lecture for all individuals who work in front of a screen every day. I didn’t know that we can train our eyes to see better – and I had no idea about the importance of preventing screen eyes. Perhaps Charlotte is showing us a part of the future that will be everyday life for our children. If that’s the future, optometrists will probably have to create eye fitness chains instead of eyewear store chains….


Mirja Bang Hansen

Lead your brain

I highly recommend the lecture

I can warmly recommend Charlotte as a speaker and/or contributor to a workshop. With great calmness and gentleness, Charlotte guided us through exercises/meditation and delivered a fine, present, and inspiring lecture on the needs of our eyes for training and maintenance. The significance of our increased screen work (both young and old) is substantial, and Charlotte has the necessary knowledge on how we can prevent weak vision through exercises, rather than having to treat symptoms when the damage is done. Charlotte fits into any work-related event where employees have daily screen work.Jeg kan varmt anbefale

Christina Busk Marner

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Cand. Merc. (philosophy)

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